Quins Pro inspection system

Our Quins Pro inspection system with differential image testing enables a software-supported comparison of the reference image and the test object.

In this way, all optical deviations from the reference board (golden board) to the test board are made evident and can be evaluated by our trained employees and, if necessary, sent to a repair process. Thanks to the integrated UV module, tests of protective coatings are also possible.

More details
the Quins Pro

Image unit

  • CCD line scan camera (7,020 pixels / line)

Max. resolution

  • 1,200 dpi

‍Effective Pixels

  • 286.4 megapixels

Max. Assembly size

  • 490 x 390 mm (drawer)


  • Double rows of LED lighting with 308 LEDs
  • additional 308 UV LEDs with 400 nm
  • 1,600 candela at a height of 50 mm
Quins Pro inspection system
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