Reworks system

Due to visually guided processes based on a user-friendly interface and due to our well-trained stuff we can quarantee safe rework of your assemblies with Ersa HR 550.

From 01005 chips to large SMT connectors (120 mm), from SMT flip chips to THT pin grid arrays, BGAs on flex circuit or multilayer BGAs – the Ersa rework systems offer the optimum solution for all applications.

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the Ersa HR 550

  • Highly efficient 1,800 W hybrid top heater
  • Large-area Infratot underheating in three heating zones (2,400 W)
  • Integrated vacuum pipette for component removal and placement
  • High-precision computer-aided component placement with force detection
  • Enhanced Visual Assistant (EVA)
  • Process control and documentation via the HRSoft2 operating software
  • Permanent temperature monitoring according to predefined temperature profile
  • Reproducible results

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