SMD line 2

The solid placement system SIPLACE S25 / F5HM combines flexibility with accuracy. A Collect & Place process using three different placement heads is used for placement.

The printed circuit board to be assembled is not moved, which has decisive advantages in terms of assembly accuracy.

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the SMD-2 line

Board handling

  • ASYS throughout

Paste printing

  • EKRA X5 Professional with 2½ D
  • Paste inspection
  • Stencil underside inspection
  • Stencil cleaning system
  • Alignment accuracy: ± 12.5 µm @ 6 sigma

Placement machines

  • Siplace 80 S20
  • Siplace 80 S23
  • Siplace 80 F5
  • Placement performance approx. 20,000 cph
SMD line 2

Reflow oven

  • SMT Quattro Peak L Plus (length 6265mm)


  • Viscom S 3088 III with 8 cameras inline with repair ejection and good / bad sorting as a separate line

Stencil cleaning machine

  • Kolb PS 31
SMD line 2
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